32 Points - 32 Voices: A Compass of Peace


This exhibition brings together an international search for Peace as expressed through artwork and creativity. It emphasizes connection, equality, and respect.


Thirty-two artists from six different countries that include Canada, Cuba, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and USA, have been invited to create artwork as an answer to the question:


what does Peace mean to you?


Each artist is referred to as a voice, and is represented by a single point on a thirty-two point compass. The compass offers navigation and direction, and is a unique symbol  of connection. Our compass is centered around the word, Peace.


We invite you to explore

32 Points - 32 Voices: A Compass of Peace.

While travelling the exhibition we encourage you to contemplate what your own point, your own voice on a compass of peace might look like, in answer to the same question we asked ourselves:


what does Peace mean to you?